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What to Do After a Dog Bite

Were you or a loved one recently injured after a dog bite or scratch? If so, you probably have questions about who will pay the medical bills and other related costs. And depending on the severity of your injuries, you may also have concerns about what the future holds in terms of recovery, including scarring and disfigurement.

Some people are of the belief that every dog gets “one free bite.” That is simply not true under South Dakota law. Rather, the factual and legal issues surrounding dog attacks are nuanced and complex. Even if the dog has not physically attacked someone previously, that does not mean that it was not dangerous or that it could be unrestrained. You should also consider the possibility that you are not the dog’s only victim.

It is not uncommon for the dog’s owner, or an insurance company, to try to “quickly take care of you” by paying the medical bills and considering the matter resolved after sending you a release. Before signing the release, you should consider whether there are other remedies available. If you have questions about a dog attack, you can contact us.  Our dedicated lawyers will talk with you, free of charge, to answer your questions and help you through this difficult situation.