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Get to know what makes our approach so impactful for our clients—from first conversation to resolution in and out of the courtroom.

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To set the highest standards for professionalism, integrity, and hard work.


To make a positive impact for our clients and our community.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to make a positive impact on our clients and our community. To accomplish that, we work hard to earn exceptional results for our clients. And we do it the right way.

Our Law Firm

We specialize in civil litigation. We’ve handled nearly all types of civil cases. And we’ve done so with relentless effort while always upholding the highest ethical standards. 

The Fuller, Williamson, Nelsen & Preheim Promise

We put our client’s interests first. Always. 

Challenges Met

We prepare and litigate all cases as though they are going to trial. By doing so, we ensure that our client’s interests are protected, and that our clients get the absolute best result possible.

Case Selection 

We’ve handled cases ranging from straightforward to legally and factually complex. We are trial-ready and trial-tested across a broad range of case types. Even so, cases outside of our practice areas occasionally find us, and in those cases, the client may be better served by getting a lawyer practicing within that niche. When that’s the case, we are glad to discuss and recommend other attorneys better suited for the job. By doing so, we ensure that the client gets the best representation possible. Often that’s us.  Sometimes it’s not. And that’s ok. 

We Listen First

With any legal matter, it is crucial that the attorney understands your specific issue. The only way to do that is to first listen.  Many lawyers are quick to talk. But that is often a disservice to the client. By listening first and really understanding, lawyers can then better understand and clarify. By focusing on listening, we’ve found we can offer better, and more complete, legal advice to our clients. And that can make all the difference. 

Trial Ready and Trial Tested

Our attorneys actually try cases to juries. That skill set is becoming increasingly rare. But having the demonstrated ability to do so separates us from others. For many of our lawyers, trying cases to juries is the pinnacle of our professional lives. And we take that responsibility very seriously. That is reflected in our unmatched trial-preparation efforts – where cases are often won or lost.  Simply put, we believe that working harder and smarter is the key to achieving better outcomes. And that’s reflected in our verdicts.

Honest Advice

Empathetic Insight

Seasoned Advocacy

Experienced Attorneys

Your legal need is our next mission

Not sure what the next steps are? Or maybe you have questions about how to handle a legal issue with your business, your home, your finances, or even your own wellbeing? Consult with our team free of charge. We’re here to listen and help you find the resolution you deserve.

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