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Business Litigation

Businesses large and small need help resolving legal disputes so they can focus on getting back to work.

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Complex, commercial problems. Simplified, effective solutions.

As part of our trial practice, our business litigation attorneys have helped large and small businesses navigate a broad range of legal issues, including trade secret theft, employment disputes, shareholder lawsuits, partnership disputes, insurance disputes, and professional liability claims. Successful commercial litigation typically requires carefully sifting through dense information and translating it into an understandable and persuasive story for the judge or jury. We work hard to make even complex cases simple. And that allows us to present this information in a persuasive way to judges and juries.

Where We Can Help:

  • Trade secret litigation
  • Employee theft cases
  • Ownership & partnership disputes
  • Member disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims
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Your legal need is our next mission

Not sure what the next steps are? Or maybe you have questions about how to handle a legal issue with your business, your home, your finances, or even your own wellbeing? Consult with our team free of charge. We’re here to listen and help you find the resolution you deserve.

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