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Pedestrian Versus Vehicle Collisions

It is becoming more common to see headlines and articles like “Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle” online and in the news. And while the articles are quick to provide you with the information about how the collision happened and if anyone was hurt, what the articles don’t tell you, and what most people don’t know (but should), is that the pedestrian’s own automobile insurance policy may provide coverage.

In many cases, the driver that caused the collision does not have enough insurance coverage. If you, the pedestrian who was hit, have an automobile policy issued in South Dakota, however, South Dakota law requires the policy to have uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. That coverage can apply even when you, as the insured, are walking and get struck by a vehicle.  If you have been made an unwilling participant in a scenario like this, it is a good idea to talk to an experienced attorney because whether your own automobile insurance policy provides coverage depends on many nuances and subtle distinctions.

If you have questions about what to do if you were injured in an automobile collision, whether you were a pedestrian or not, you can contact us.  Our dedicated lawyers will talk with you, free of charge, to see if they can assist and to advise you of your rights.