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The Best Offer"

You were injured in an automobile collision.  The insurance company made you an offer, but it is less than you thought it would be.  So you tell the insurer what you think a fair amount would be and, in response, the insurer says that it “can’t” pay that amount. The insurance company then offers a little more than it originally had.  It might even say this is its “best offer” or the “best that it can do.”

In South Dakota, an insurance company is permitted to negotiate the value of a personal injury claim.  As part of that, insurance companies sometimes claim that the offer being made is the “best” that it can do. Many times, that just isn’t true.  And if you have any doubt, you should talk to an attorney that has experience with negotiating and handling personal injury claims.  You also want an attorney that is willing to discuss whether the offer is actually fair.

If you have questions about whether the insurance company’s offer is fair, you can contact us.  Our dedicated lawyers are experienced and more than willing to stand up for you.  And we will talk with you, free of charge, to see if we are able to assist you with your claim.