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Umbrella Policies: Serious Coverage for Serious Injuries

When it comes to insurance, there are many different types of policies.  While every insurance policy includes a promise, umbrella insurance policies are unique.  Umbrella insurance policies are not stand-alone insurance policies.  Rather, they work with other insurance policies, such as automobile, home, renters, farm, and commercial.  Generally speaking, if you want an umbrella insurance policy, you will need to have an underlying insurance policy.  If you have, for example, an automobile insurance policy, you can purchase an umbrella insurance policy as well.

Umbrella insurance policies provides higher amounts of coverage than traditional insurance policies.  Many umbrella insurance policies provide coverage in million-dollar increments, whereas most automobile policies provide coverage in hundred-thousand-dollar increments, up to $500,000. 

If you have an umbrella insurance policy, or if you are considering buying one, you will want to check to see whether or not it has underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage.  While every automobile insurance policy issued in South Dakota is required to have these additional coverages, not every umbrella insurance policy does.  Underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage are important in an umbrella insurance policy because they protect you against catastrophic injuries caused by serious accidents, including those caused by drunk drivers.

If you have questions about your insurance policy, including whether it is an umbrella policy or not, please feel free to contact our office.  Our dedicated lawyers will talk with you, free of charge, to see if they can assist you with your claim.